Client background

TAXO'D It is the only end-to-end financial solution designed solely for the self-employed. You can manage and record your transactions on the go, and TAXO'D shows you how much tax-you-owe in real-time. You can file your tax return directly to HMRC. No green forms. No additional cost or aid of an accountant.

The TAXO’D platform brings together people, processes, applications, FCA and HMRC regulatory approval to enable the self-employed and micro-businesses to quickly and easily accomplish tax self assessments and much more tasks through beautifully simple and intuitive software that can be used directly by the self-employed or with assistance from accountants, purchased directly or via third party professional services organisations

TAXO'D automates the mundane by utilising the new Open Banking services which automates and eliminates bookkeeping, combining OCR technology that automatically extracts data from paper or e-receipts which auto-reconciles them with the business bank account.


3 years
UI Development
Front-end Development, Back-end Development, Integrations

Client problem

TAXOD has such main challenges in their product delivery:

  • Implementation of React.js components.
  • Node.js, Meteor.js, D3.js implementation.
  • Building a modular based tax return filing system

The client needed a full stack team capable of building the product from ground up

What we did

We took clients vision on massive, complex but same time easy going software that will be used on daily basis by lawyers to extract, analyse and control legal data. Based on that we iterated couple month on vision of the product and delivered the interface and it’s implementation.
Our team is proud to be part of that product development

Business impact

Below are a few of the key components we delivered generating immense value in the TAXO'D platform:

  • Business transaction tracking on the go. Track your records on the fly. Automated bookkeeping Banc sync realisation.
  • Automated data calculation and reporting - tax owed calculated on the fly; data exporting to financial reports; whole financial year in the glance.
  • Auto tax return module - filing returns from previous months, tax deadlines informing, filing returns from previous years.

Product overview

The client's goal was to automate accounting for freelancers and create an easy to use and system that is maintainable by the TAXO'D team. As a fast growing company it is crucial that we provided them with the flexibility to expand development capabilities to match the demand of product delivery against unmissable deadlines.

They chose COAX Software as a technology partner for a few reasons; but a key reason being was the vast experience in Javascript software development and the ability to expand development resource as and when required.

COAX Software realized Record, Analytics modules and Tax Return components of the application.

Main challenges in software development:

  • Create and implement inspection project functionality with built plan;
  • Realize analytics and business transactions tracking tools;
  • Implementing a tax filing capabilities to the UK local tax authority.

Value delivered

Beautiful, simple, award-winning, end-to-end accounting solution for freelancers with key automated functionality that puts on par with some of the world's leading online accounting services:

  • Every transaction recording.
  • Tax record, calculation and financial report.
  • Tax return calculator.

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