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Software Testing

Companies use software testing services to ensure that their software is fully functional, dependable, stable, and user-friendly. COAX, a software testing company with 11 years of experience, is ready to take on any size and complexity testing project, implement an effective quality assurance process, and improve the software quality management strategy.

Manual Testing

The COAX manual testing service evaluates product consistency from the viewpoint of the end-user. Manual testing determines whether the system runs without errors or faults in accordance with the defined system specifications.

Automation Testing

Our dedicated test automation engineers combine their expertise in automated UI, API, and performance testing with only the most trusted test automation tools, enabling companies to speed up releases while increasing regression testing coverage and discovering more defects before going live.

Full Lifecycle Testing

COAX Software offers full lifecycle testing as part of its software quality management services. We cover all the major stages of development, from requirements testing during the software design phase to final testing during the release and deployment phase.

Quality assurance

COAX offers a QA program that focuses on internal process assessment, difference discovery, QA framework development, and staff coaching. The final aim of the QA testing team is to identify weak areas and assist our partner in improving QA services processes to the point where quality performance is guaranteed and errors are minimized.



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