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When it comes to agile software development, we break it into 4 key phases: requirements elicitation, proposition, product development, and pivoting.

To test the waters, we build a Minimum Viable Product (MVP). The MVP allows us to:

  • Validate a business idea,

  • Quickly get first users' feedback,

  • Accelerate the launch of the product to the market,

  • And more.

Creating an agile workflow is a complex, yet rewarding process. Agile software development and change management expertise help us build demanded products and align with business requirements.

When we build the very first version of a product, we invest in user testing, gather feedback, and come up with efficient technical solutions. With the ‘test and learn’ approach, we're able to generate the first pool of loyal users and gather their impressions to tweak a product. We elicit feedback from users in live environments that allows us to get valuable insights and relevant data.

When our hypothesis proves itself and we ensure that the MVP is in demand by a target audience, we move on to adding extra functionality and marketing.

We build our agile software development lifecycle on CI/CD deployment practices. This means that we can release new changes in software without breaking the rest of the codebase. The CI/CD deployment perfectly fits into agile workflow since it's a quick and sustainable way to deploy software as soon as the new feature is ready. If just one test fails, the feature simply isn't released to production.

Working with startups, we put effort into creating a customer-centered product across the end-to-end agile software development lifecycle, so we can ensure a budget-friendly software development and a product warmly met among its audience.


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