SmartBat Construction E‑commerce

Client problem

Customer had a business in the construction industry in France. He was constantly facing problems with management and keeping track of purchased products, which are located on different construction objects. Additional issues with local suppliers of building materials are high prices and 3+ delivery days.

The Customer decided to open a new retail business of building materials with local delivery included. The goals set are: same or next-day delivery, low prices and a system with new/used products management throughout all building objects.


2.5 years
React Native
UI, UX, Web design, Branding, Web app, Mobile app

What we did

Research process, handed by one of our Business Analytics, revealed a few possible software solutions to the management system. The Customer chose to build a public E-commerce website, which allows users to manage purchased building materials and products on a personal dashboard.

Product overview

  • view recommended products and best deals
  • find products by search and custom filters
  • view full details of a product
  • leave reviews on products
  • add products to wishlist
  • add products to cart
  • purchase
  • set delivery to different locations
  • get free delivery
  • view orders statuses
  • sign up, sign in, restore password, download account info, disable account, delete account
  • purchase subscription to enhanced personal dashboard
  • manage products on building objects via personal dashboard
  • reorder runned out products
  • read recommendation articles & building manuals

Value delivered

  • The product is ready to launch on French market in Q4 2020

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