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Client background

COAX Software has been on the market for more than 10 years and provided clients with complex software solutions in the construction industry and that’s why our client SiteSurvey turned to us.

SiteSurvey enables property professionals to quickly produce detailed photographic Schedules of Condition. It significantly reduces inspection time, delivers high quality, accurate reports, reduces manual administration of photos in a report template.


2.5 years
React Native
RoR Api
UI, UX, Web design, Branding, Web app, Mobile app

Client problem

The design team took the project and walk it through the next phases:

  • Inconvenient manual data collecting
  • Large manual data accumulation
  • Not-centralized data storage
  • Inaccessibility of gathered inspection data for organization members
  • Not regulated data structuring process

Business impact

We’ve delivered such value for the client and realized such components in the product:

  • Speeds up the process of collecting and further management of construction specifications
  • Automates reporting mechanism
  • Advances team work on developments

Product overview

Main client's goal was to automate survey procedures and realize fully automated report management tool. As a fast growing company it needed to expand their development capabilities and speed up the product development process. They choosed COAX Software as their technology partner for several reasons, but the main reason was because our experts have huge expertise in web software development and we are capable to gather strong development team. COAX Software implements web and mobile based applications. Mobile app is dedicated for comprehensive data collecting in offline mode.

We have worked on such tasks:

  • Create and implement inspection project functionality with building plan, sector names and identifiers, photo editing tools
  • Realize solution for uploading building plan in pdf format
  • Inspect sectors tools in a building with sectors identifiers and relate names

Main challenges in product development:

  • Offline storage of construction specifications, online synchronization of gathered inspected data in mobile application
  • Building plans (PDF files) editing and mapping (linking) to sections building (sectors)

Value delivered

Fully automated report management tool with expanded functionality:

  • Authorization for Organization manager
  • Sector defects tool
  • Inspection status manager
  • Inspection report tool

Improving time to market because of fast scaling, new functionality with skilled technical experts.

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