Alertpoint Security System

Client problem

The customer came with an outdated design system, which was in a connected notification and special devices that analyze and monitor the security twenty-four hours a day in the buildings and provide clear analysis to incidents areas and personnel.

Security system functionality was monitoring buildings in real-time and respond quickly when your personnel needs help. We were really interested in the idea of absolute coverage of your people and facilities with the security.


Security System
3 years
Adobe Illustrator
Adobe After Effects
UX, UI, Web design, Branding
macOS, Windows, iOS, Android

What we did

The design team took the project and walk it through the next phases:

  • Understand. Included interviews with stakeholders, customers interviews, tech team interviews, etc
  • Research. We analyzed the market and our client’s competitors
  • Prototyping and design
  • Assets delivery
  • Iterate

Product overview

One of the leading location detection security system, which also highlights unique designed 3D floor plans of your buildings and property. You can very easily locate and identify panic alerts when they display in the real time, providing clear incident information and pictures of the situation.

Value delivered

  • The product was launched on the market in 2018

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