Business Processes Automation

Business automation is a reliable investment because it helps you improve customer experience and optimize revenues through automating workflows and processes. In addition, you're able to allocate human resources efficiently and reduce human error. As a result, businesses are able to make more informed decisions and expand their impact.


Business automation relies on state-of-the-art technology to automate routine tasks by replacing the human workforce. As a result, you get efficient working processes and reduction of costs. Every forward-thinking business must consider automation to be able to scale and expand in the nearest future.

Organizational problems

As technology and customer demands change, companies often struggle to adjust their business processes accordingly. As a result, companies experience productivity decline, inefficient resource use, and lost competitive advantage. In addition, companies may struggle with a challenge of integrating third-party systems to their existing software. In this case, measured technical decisions matter and they influence the success of a business automation process. Another common issue concerns adoption of business automation changes by internal staff. Despite the fact BA automation brings new opportunities to daily work and streamlines routine processes, employees are often afraid of being replaced by technology.

Benefits of BPA

Once you automate business processes, expect to see multiple benefits:

  • Better communication. Most business process automation solutions and store the data in the cloud, making it available anytime from any place.

  • Cost savings. You can optimize employees’ time since there's no need to process piles of data manually, speed up processing of information, and receive actionable insights into your business. Thus, you can make accurate financial forecasts and manage your budget efficiently.

  • Enhanced workflow transparency. You can measure, track, and analyze performance of your business process in real time. Such approach helps you make more informed business decisions.

  • The ability to avoid human errors. When you choose to automate business processes, you minimize the chance for human error.

To give you a clearer picture, check out some of the processes you can automate:

  • E-mail and push notifications

  • Call center processes

  • Helpdesk support tools

  • Sales and CRM

  • Data aggregation and migration

  • Time and attendance tracking

  • Backup and restoration

  • Payroll

  • Employee leave requests and management

  • Invoicing

Business Process Automation Services

Transaction Processing Systems Development

Transaction processing systems (TPS) are widely used in a FinTech industry: banks, financial institutions, and so on. However, other industries adopt TPS software because it provides an environment for fast and secure transactions and integrity of data.

Decision Support Systems Development

These systems are designed to support business and organizational decision-making activities. Decision Support Systems (DSS) back up organizations’ business decisions with comprehensive data analytics, statistics, and reporting based on relevant results.

Custom SCM Development

Supply chain management automation software allows businesses to save money by streamlining importing, exporting goods and transportation operations. Less human factors and more automation in daily complex processes lead to better relations with external partners and transparency.

Why Coax

Proven Process

COAX business automation developers have built numerous full-blown business software solutions for international clients. Whether you need software for developing leads, managing contacts, processing customer data, setting up contracts, or performing any other form of business automation – COAX will gladly build an amazing platform for you.

True business automation

A COAX team has more than 10 years of experience in automating business processes and digital transformation of businesses. We've gained our expertise working with our clients, coming up with workable technology solutions for them, and treating their business like ours. With every new project, we're ready to bring even more value.

Dedicated Support

Development of a product doesn't stop once all the functionality is complete. We're right there to address any questions that you might have. In addition, we offer software maintenance and support services for the lifetime of your business platform. Thus, we update and upgrade your platform when it's necessary.

Quality Outsourcing

Headquartered in Chicago, with two Development Centers in Ukraine, COAX Software is a company with extensive experience in building custom software. We design, develop, and deploy impactful tech products with a flexible approach and a skilled, dedicated team. Since 2010, we've been creating efficient business process automation solutions for customers from niche startups to large enterprises.

We've already helped numerous clients with our business automation services. We'll be glad to bring our expertise and experience into streamlining your daily operations.

Contact us to transform your business through technology.

*According to a report titled The Sorry State of Digital Transformation in 2018 by Forrester

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